Jessica Faleiro writes fiction, poetry, essays and travel pieces.

Her poems, stories and non-fiction have appeared in Asia Literary Review, Indian Quarterly, IndiaCurrents, Coldnoon, Joao Roque Literary Journal, Rockland Lit, Mascara Literary Review, Muse India, Times of India and tambdimati.

Her novel ‘Afterlife: Ghost stories from Goa’ was published by Rupa in 2012 and is in its fifth reprint.

Jessica has an MA in Creative Writing from Kingston University, UK.  She further studied the writing craft through working closely with editors at Faber & Faber UK, Kingston University Press and Rupa Publications, as well as being taught by award-winning British author Rachel Cusk and UK playwright Winsome Pinnock.  She’s conducted talks and creative writing workshops on the writing craft and process at Macau Portuguese school, Carmel College for the Arts and Sciences in Nuvem, Chowgule college in Margao, St. Xavier’s College in Mapusa, Carpe Diem art gallery in Majorda, The Dogears bookshop and The Chikoo Tree Project in Margao.

Jessica is on Instagram here on Facebook here and on Goodreads here


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