TDBLL Cover-FrontThe Delicate Balance of Little Lives’ is out now on Amazon, on Kindle and in Paperback. Read a Book Review here.

A sixty-year-old spinster finds a surprising way to avenge a love betrayal from her youth. A daughter regrets making a peripheral wish inadvertently come true. An accomplished pianist chases her fears of ageing to the bottom of a bottle. A young girl tries to regain control of her life by destroying another. An investigative reporter gains enlightenment about her own sexuality during an interview.

Once again, the author of ‘Afterlife: Ghost stories from Goa’ brings us stories set against the backdrop of lush and vibrant Goa, India. Jessica Faleiro’s collection of interlinked stories explore how five, middle-class women try to make sense of loss and trauma in their lives.

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‘Afterlife: Ghost stories from Goa’ (Rupa Publications, Dec 2012) is available on Amazon & Rupa 

Afterlife is on Facebook here and on Goodreads here

Lyrical and imaginative, ‘Afterlife: Ghost Stories from Goa’ marks the arrival of a fresh new talent on the literary scene. Goa. The Fonseca family is gathered in Savio’s house on the eve of his seventy-fifth birthday. It starts raining heavily, the electricity fails, and in the darkness, family members start narrating their encounters with the supernatural. As the night advances, many stories – deeply unsettling, for they are all connected to the Fonseca name – come humbling out. An ominous bird visits the family matriarch on her deathbed, a young boy is possessed by an older man’s spirit, and a deceased uncle sends an urgent message from beyond the grave. Startling family secrets are revealed, as is an ancient curse that forever binds the family.






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